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linsec.ca is my little corner of the web. You can see my blog where I yap about different things, but this is where I keep the articles that I've written and other information I feel is worth sharing. It used to be just about security-related stuff, but now I've decided to make it about all kinds of stuff... sure, most of it might be security-related, but other parts of it will be related to other things... little tips and tricks I've found on using different operating systems, etc.

These pages used to be in TWiki, then they went static, and now I'm using MediaWiki. I've gotten so used to using MediaWiki for the Annvix site, and also setting up the Mandriva wiki that it just seemed natural to use it as a CMS for this site as well. As well, I've merged in some articles from my (now-defunct) other site, which was not really security-related, vmlinuz.ca. This also means that the vmlinuz.ca mailing lists are now hosted here.

So anyways, here you are. Enjoy. Some of these articles are probably quite old, and some may no longer be pertinent. I think most of them are still relevant, however, even if they are a few years old.

Oh. Who am I? My name is Vincent and this is my place.