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This page contains content from the old wiki and has been moved here to preserve content. These pages have been retained for historical and nostalgic purposes only.
Please be aware that Annvix is no longer in development!

Mailing Lists

The Annvix project utilizes mailing lists to discuss topics of interest, development, etc. There are a few mailing lists setup to facilitate communication between users, developers, and other parties interested in anything to do with Annvix. With the exception of the announce list (which contains both announcements and security-related advisories), the mailing lists are not moderated, however you do need to be subscribed to post freely (otherwise your posts will remain in the moderator queue). This is to help prevent spam from reaching the mailing lists.

The following mailing lists are available:

  • announce The Annvix announcements list. Security advisories and other important announcements are sent to this read-only mailing list [ Archives @MARC ]
  • users A general discussion list for users of Annvix [ Archives @MARC ]
  • dev The developer's mailing list to discuss Annvix development [ Archives @MARC ]
  • cvs All the CVS commits are automatically sent to this mailing list. It is essential for developers who want to keep on top of what is happening with the project [ Archives @MARC ]
  • ports This is a discussion list for users and developers on the Annvix ports packages [ Archives @MARC ]