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This page contains content from the old wiki and has been moved here to preserve content. These pages have been retained for historical and nostalgic purposes only.
Please be aware that Annvix is no longer in development!


Annvix has not been in development since March, 2008. The wiki was shut down on December 22, 2011 and moved here (in it's own namespace on my wiki). With this move, the blog has been shut down as well, so my final blog post is the only post saved. Read it for the reason why development on Annvix ceased.

Annvix is a free secure Linux-based operating system produced by the Annvix development team and Danen Consulting Services. The Annvix project aims to provide a secure, stable, and fast Linux distribution specifically tailored to servers that provide reliable services such as Email, Web, DNS, FTP, File sharing, and more.

The philosophy behind Annvix is security and reliability, and to that end we incorporate projects such as runit for always-on services, socklog for secure and reliable logging, RSBAC for enhanced kernel-level security, and many other custom tools and various software packages. The Annvix footprint is small, a typical default install for a LAMP server is under 400MB in size and every effort is made for the operating system to be lean, use less memory and disk space, to provide maximum functionality and utilize resources without introducing unnecessary bloat.

Annvix is freely available from our FTP mirrors. The current release is 3.0-RELEASE which was released on December 30, 2007.

The Annvix install ISO also makes an excellent lightweight live CD (in fact, the installer is just another program on the image itself), making the ISO a good Linux recovery system.

Annvix is developed by volunteers. Individuals and organizations can assist in funding the development by donating. Donations are important to the continued development of Annvix.


Here are a few quick links to various Annvix resources:


If you would like to contribute to the development of Annvix, please sign up on the dev@ mailing list and make yourself known! Individuals who would like access to the wiki, please ask on the developer's mailing list. Feedback and testimonials on Annvix are both desired and appreciated. There are many individuals who find that Annvix "just works" and have no need to ask for help so we have no way to gauge how many people are actually using it, so receiving feedback is very important for us.


Feb 3
3.1-CURRENT has been branched

Jan 16 reviews Annvix! (read it)

Dec 30
3.0-RELEASE is now available! (details)

Dec 9
2.1-CURRENT beta1 installer available (details)

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